An Evening With Noel Fielding, Victoria Theatre, Halifax, 24th October

I promised to write this sooner but time has got away from me (and I’ve spent far too long messing around with the layout of this blog rather than actually write), so here is a brief review of what occurred last Friday, on a much needed trip out with the best friend…

Given the fact that I avoided Luxury Comedy as much as I possibly could as I let the reviews taint my view and a misguided dislike of it not involving Julian Barrett, I was completely unsure of what to expect when we turned up at the Victoria Theatre for what was imaginatively titled ‘An Evening With Noel Fielding’.


Brought on stage by the ever-wonderful Moon, the show started out just like any other stand up, Noel delivering pieces to the audience and interacting with the front couple of rows (those poor, poor people), in fact the only indication that this was a Noel Fielding gig was that he came on stage in a magnificent cape. Understated as ever. Going on to explain the set up of the night involved various characters introduced on stage and some more neat animation tricks it really was an enjoyable first half, culminating in a nice little story time before a quick interval.

The second half was a similar treat, but making a slight detour from your traditional comedy gig (I’ll not spoil the surprise though). Yet more treats were in store, with an insane amount of audience participation, a few risky ebola jokes, one very risky Luther joke and learning the pitfalls of improvising with animation, Noel had the evening down to a fine art. The final quest of the night really was a tour de force and made a hero out of Steve (the show should come with an advisory moment if you sit anywhere near the front). The show was incredibly slick for the beginning of a tour and if the huge crowds gathered to meet Noel outside were anything to go by, the whole of Halifax were pretty damn impressed.

It was never going to be a Mighty Boosh show, but the sheer enthusiasm Noel has not only for his material but for the general excitement of the crowd as well has convinced me that I really do need to try Luxury Comedy out as it may help to fill the Boosh shaped hole in my heart. While Julian was missed, we left the place wanting to see it all over again, and with Noel extending the tour well into 2015 it looks like we’ll get that chance…