Friday I’m In Love #8

Getting back to regular business eventually, here’s yet another instalment of this here little thing.I’m hoping to start off some new features too next week, but I don’t think this is quite the end of Friday… yet! Full steam ahead…

TV: After the Noel Fielding foray, I’m loving re-watching the Mighty Boosh and loads of really random Noel Fielding clips. As tonight is Hallowe’en I’m going to watch the Nanageddon episode and fully embrace the darkness (and have an excuse to eat loads of sweets…). I’m also still fully enamoured with Bones, and I’m almost finished with my re-watch, 9 episodes to go!

Things to do: As things are about to get really hectic at work, I’m using a half shit tomorrow followed by two days off as a chance to escapes and see family before I don’t even get a chance to stop! So I’m jumping straight on the train up to Marske with my knitting in tow to visit the grandparents and completely shut off for a bit. I’m going to need it too after next wee’s jam-packed week, including Nando’s, Bonfire Night, the saddest leaving do and Circa Waves. What a treat…

Wants: I recently finished re-watching Girls, as it’s amazing and completely remembered the limited edition Deborah Lippmann collection that was released. You know I’m a sucker for a make up collection that relates to something I obsess over *cough* Pulp Fiction *cough*, so this is right up my street. A collection of 4 colours, one for each girl in the series. I’m not a fan of green but the Hannah colour is actually one of my favourites in this set, a traditional Hunter green (I can match it to my wells for winter!) and of course the Jessa colour is another that I love, being so close to Mrs Mia Wallace from Urban Decay that is permanently on my fingers and toes! And just look at that packaging too!


Another desperate want over here is a new pair of jeans. I attempted to start the search last payday and ended up almost in tears, so let’s give this another try and return to the beginning. Through my first year at uni I think I wore jeans once, as I was still attempting to find a good pair (and of course I really like skirts and dresses) but I eventually cracked it with the standard black Topshop Baxter pair that everyone owns at least one of! The old style that I loved so much and worn to death are currently reduced to just £25 so I may have to treat myself, even though I’ve strayed since and tried both Leigh and Joni jeans I think Baxter are the ones for me and my enormous ass!

Music: I’m not going to lie, one thing has been playing constantly this week and I’m not even ashamed to admit it. Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 dropped this week and hasn’t stopped playing at all. A departure form her usual country style, but it is utter pop perfection. there’s no overtly sexual lyrics like Rihanna, no faux lesbianism like Katy Perry, just fierce and feisty good clean pop fun. The opening six songs are the some of the finest songs I’ve heard so far this year, especially Blank Space and Style. I’m already secretly counting down until a tour announcement and the vinyl release… Oh and I definitely don’t know all the words already…


Friday I’m In Love #5

Oh relax, a girl took a break! I’m joking obviously, I just couldn’t face writing, more of which later. But back to the grindstone hi ho and all that jazz, all here for another round up of stuff…

TV: I’m still not caught up to Game Of Thrones, I’m no further in my Buffy watch and the less said about Breaking Bad the better. This week has been dedicated to attempting to get through my LoveFilm watch list before deleting it! So far I’ve caught Stephen Merchant’s Hello Ladies live show (so so bloody funny, worth watching whether you like his previous work or not) and Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World. I really didn’t expect much from Seeking… but its simple charm won me over in the end. Then again I’ll watch anything with Steve Carrell in. And the fact that I identified far too much with Keira Knightly’s character didn’t help either.



I can regularly be found hugging my records too…

Things To Do: This is where I’m falling down a tad this week. Previously I’ve been so used to having someone to plan things to do with, yet not the case anymore. Nope, little old Emily is lonely yet again, so I’m currently attempting to make loads of plans with friends to keep me occupied. So far I’m off to see The Horrors in September, taking the best friend on a trip to see Wicked and drinking far more than a person attempting to lose weight should do!

Wants: I’m trying not to have as many wants this week! I managed to get the sandals from my last post as a present (hello birthday money!) and now I’m counting down until my Chicago visit! So other wants this week include more time to finish reading all the bloody books I’ve started and the same for my knitting projects. I’m also currently watching some addidas Gazelles on eBay so wish me luck for them! I realise once I buy those I’m essentially turning into my Dad, but what’s new there! I also want to find more people to swap with now I’m fully back into my Panini addiction! This was my wild Friday night:


I’m so cool.

Music: This is my main passionate one this week. I’ve long been a fan of Morecombe’s The Heartbreaks, queuing for hours to get their RSD release a few years back and first catching them at Dot To Dot Festival 2010, I’ve been utterly enamoured. And not just for the usual reason that they’re beautiful boys with guitars (I’m so easily pleased). They write real, honest and heart wrenching songs. They’ve been my rock through heartbreak these past two weeks. Imagine my excitement when we’re just a week away from the release of their second album, yet it’s not available on vinyl. Normally I’m not always fussed, but this time I’d like to just complete my collection. Thankfully Twitter was just as up in arms as me, and no doubt the bass record label have been inundated with requests to press the damn vinyl (just do it please, we’ll all shut up then). Don’t agree with me? Take one listen to the single Absolved (and its accompanying excellent video) and just picture how amazing it will sound on vinyl. I do this regularly but its a well known fact I need to get out more.

Don’t let the bastards win, email their record company now (check out The Heartbreaks twitter to find it). Give the people the vinyl. An added note is that The Heartbreaks are actually the only band where I fancy the drummer the most, if anyone was interested (no one was). As you were…


Friday I’m In Love #4

Yeah, okay, it’s been while. Give a girl a break, I’ve been too busy getting employee of the month and watching all of Game Of Thrones. So let me off, okay? Also, when you find out your own mother has a tendency to hawk your blog, it puts you off (I jest, hi Mum, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!). But I figured that since it’s my birthday next week, I’d give my loved ones some ideas of what is going on in my life to tailor their present buying accordingly. Another joke, honest…

TV: As mentioned above, I’m binge watching Game Of Thrones, mainly to catch up with everyone I know. Sadly this plan keeps getting derailed by every other TV show I watch finishing in this vicinity (I’m looking at you Castle and The Mindy Project). But as I write this, I’m up to season 3 of GOT. Nearly there! I’ve also been doing a retro binge watch by starting Buffy all over again. Oh those 90s fashions have got me all in a fizz…




I’ve also been watching (and doing, I must add) Blogilates to encourage myself to lose the weight that so desperately needs to come off. I’m going to start clean eating come the end of this month too, I will look like Jennifer Lawrence by the time I head to America!

Things to do: Tonight I get to do what I’ve been counting down to for ages, it’s Courtney Love night! I’ve always had a fondness for Miss Love, encouraged in no small part my aforementioned mother dearest, so I’m particularly giddy about this. I still remember when she bought me America’s Sweetheart for my birthday and tried to encourage me to cut up my sister’s Barbie pjs to make a statement top. Bless my mum. I’m also headed to Alton Towers next week, and rounding birthday week off with a trip to London to hang with my dear Natasha and the little Turtle. I’m too excited to take him to SeaLife!

Wants: This can also be affectionately renamed as my Birthday wish list! Since I’m in holiday shopping mode, let’s start there. I’ve just picked up an excellent bag on eBay for next to nothing as my favourite vintage one broke recently and then spied these super cute sandals to match it. This does mean I have to be on the ball pedicure wise though!



Who can go on holiday abroad without some denim shorts? Considering I will actually be skinny enough to wear shorts them when I’m over there (I will be, believe me), and these are a pretty damn perfect pair. I’m already picturing them with the above sandals and band tees, or with a pair of Vans and yet more band tees in this countries colder climate. They come in black too, which is pretty damn pleasing.


There are also plenty of additions I would like to go in my ever growing Tatty Devine collection, as its the only jewellery I wear now. Whoops! This LOVE necklace matched the ring that I got recently from the Tatty Devine Lucky Dip swapshop and has been reduced to just £10.50. It’s like they knew it was my birthday!


I can’t have a birthday list without some vinyl, and the one I want is pretty special. I’ve long had an obsession with American Football/everything the Kinsellas have ever done, which has been understood by very few people, but I cannot turn down this deluxe edition of their record (it’s streaming on Pitchfork, which you all should listen to, definitely). I’m equally jealous that I’m not in America while they do their reunion shows, and I’ll just have to cope with the fact that I can go see OWLS in September instead. Giddy is not the word.


And finally, I had to include a book, not that I don’t have enough already as I learnt last week. This particular book has been on my radar for a while now, I mean why would Emily not want a book full of pictures of 80s indie boys?! I think this will only worsen my weird crush on Bobby Gillespie. Just look at a young version of him… so yeah, Birthday Fairy I would like A Scene In Between please!


Music: This is a lot of exactly as you’d imagine.  A lot of Courtney Love, especially this. Yes lot’s of that. Oh and a sneaky lot of The Strokes considering what teases they have been on Twitter all week. I’ve almost re-evaluated Angles I’ve listened to them that much…