Friday I’m In Love #7

Back again after last weeks non-action (that kind of happens when you’re one of the only members of staff and have to do 8 days straight at work) but I’m still attempting to keep up with my more writing pledge to myself. So while I really should be baking for our 1st birthday party at work, I’m writing this and listening to Pulled Apart By Horses (review to come!). Onto the good stuff:

TV: Yet more Bake Off, but we’ll see how much longer that lasts after this weeks Bin-gate dismissing my beloved hipster baker Iain. I’m now convinced that Mary Berry may well be the devil, but I do have a tendency to overreact… I’ve also been obsessively watching Project Runway, not at all bitter that I could do a better job than some of those people and the other day resulted in an enormous binge of America’s Next Top Model now I realised that the new series has started. I watch too much trashy TV…


Things to do: Aforementioned 8 days straight has meant I’ve had little time to think let alone actually do anything! However I have been mentally preparing myself to go back to ballet, especially since its now less than 2 weeks away! Oh and next week will have a trip out I think, perhaps a little meander to IKEA as I need a nice plant pot for the strawberries that I’m attempting to grow and I definitely need a trip to the cinema to see What If? and Obvious Child, such light happy film choices there!

Wants: While I am attempting to save so I can enjoy a summer of festivals next year, its been pointed out that I have holidays left at work AND the fact that I need a holiday that is not just going back to visit Mum and Dad in America. One quick phone call later and I have somehow cajoled the best friend into a November trip to Paris, so no more treats for me! However, I’m quickly putting together an excellent 3 day trip including dinner by the Sacre Coeur, fireworks at Disneyland Paris, and the all important shopping around Paris. I’ve already earmarked some excellent vintage stores to hit, just sadly the exchange rate is pants!


Just look at that spectacle, and having not been there since I was 9 or 10, I’m so excited to get this all booked. Which will happen if we get this bonus at work (so everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!) I’ve even found us a super little apartment in Montmarte on airbnb!

Sly mention to the Urban Decay X Pulp Fiction collection that launches on the 1st over here. I didn’t manage to get my hands on any in America when it launched over there, but my desire to resemble Mia has not yet subsided and Monday may be costly…

Music: I’ve already mentioned Pulled Apart By Horses above, and now I’m about to crack onto the new Interpol album but more on those when I get round to finding time to write a proper review. Not a vague promise this time though, there is time pencilled in the diary! I’ve also been guiltily listening to the new Taylor Swift song AS IT IS SO GOOD (and I’m totally down with her feminism stance) and as always a little bit of Beyonce has crept in, especially after THAT VMA performance. Tears did fall (I’ve cried so often this week…) So to round this week off, here is the best Beyonce song (and video) ever, in my opinion anyway…


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